About Tee TopUp

Crediting a prepaid mobile phone abroad is a popular way for people living outside their country to make low cost, high value gifts to their loved ones back home.

We believe that when people are empowered with the opportunity to communicate, it can change their lives. Without top-up in a phone, it is practically of no much use.

Tee TopUp makes it easy for people to share with their loved ones this gift of connectivity and the power of communication no matter where they are by providing an efficient platform to send phone credit.

Our connection spans across the globe with a large mobile operator network. This enables our customers connect with their loved ones across the world.

Our top-up products start from very affordable prices making it possible for anyone to use Tee TopUp and this is what makes us stand out in the mobile remittance industry.

Tee TopUp is customer focused and we are always looking for new ways to satisfy our customers. With mobile technology taking centre stage in how today's economy is driven, and how mobile technology is helping change lives for good, our aim is to provide people the opportunity to get into that wheel of change.

Tee TopUp - About Tee TopUp