What is Tee TopUp

Tee TopUp is the leading online mobile phone top-up network that helps you stay connected to your loved ones. Tee TopUp is an efficient platform for sending phone credit to any mobile phone anywhere in the world in just a matter of minutes.

How can I send a top-up?

With Tee TopUp it is easy to send top-up instantly to cell phones anywhere in the world. Please note that you must create an account with Tee TopUp to send credit. To send instant top-up, you need to purchase your top-up using a verified PayPal account and must be registered on Tee TopUp with the same verified PayPal account. Otherwise your top-up transaction may take upto 24 hours to be processed.

To send top-up, follow the steps below:


Payment for top-up on our website are securely processed using PayPal. After you have entered the phone number, you will be able to select a top-up amount. The cost of the top-up will be displayed, also showing the amount the phone will receive, and the cost of fees.

A fee is charged to process the top-up payments. You can view the transaction charges in the Order Summary before you make the payment for the top-up.

Creating an account

Registering an account with Tee TopUp is easy and fast.

To sign up:

We will send you an email with instructions to verify your account

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